8,929 ft / 2,722 m


3,009 ft / 917 m


30 summits

Top climbing months

August   41%

July   32%

September  19%

Most climbed route

Main trail

Class 1 • 1,206 ft / 368 m gain
"Hike with Kim Stilson. After finishing the Watchman, we headed over and hiked up Mount Scott. Great views of the wild fires from the summit however, the smoke made the views hazy and distant peaks were obscured." - LGH-Tom, Aug 27, 2015
"A quick one up a namesake peak, the highest point in Crater Lake National Park... only 38 min to the top in this record low snow year. Only crossed a couple of snow patches on the ridge. Was bummed the lookout was closed. One of many great vantage points of the lake." - scott, Jun 21, 2015



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