Oregon peaks

3,936 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Hood

11,239 ft / 3,425 m

Most summited peak

Mount Hood

158 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Hood

7,706 ft / 2,348 m prom

Oregon summits

3,094 summits

First Ascent Awards

901 of 3,936 peaks 22%

Top climbing months

August 16%

July 15%

September 12%

Oregon mountains highlights

  • The Cascade Range bisects Oregon and includes several volcanic peaks, the highest being the famous Mount Hood at 11,249 ft.
  • The Wallowa Mountains in northeastern Oregon contain over 30 peaks at least 9,000 ft high.
  • There are more peaks over 9,000 ft elevation in Oregon than in nearby Washington... a fact that often surprises many mountain enthusiasts in the region.

Popular Oregon mountains