Oregon peaks

3,677 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Hood

11,249 ft / 3,428 m

Most summited peak

Mount Hood

110 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Hood

7,706 ft / 2,348 m prom

Oregon summits

1,292 summits

First Ascent Awards

425 of 3,677 peaks 11%

Top climbing months

August 16%

July 15%

September 12%

Oregon mountains highlights

  • There are more peaks over 9,000 ft elevation in Oregon than in nearby Washington... a fact that often surprises many mountain enthusiasts in the region
  • The Wallowa Mountains in northeastern Oregon contain over 30 peaks at least 9,000 ft high
  • The Cascade Range bisects Oregon and includes several volcanic peaks, the highest being the famous Mount Hood at 11,249 ft
"Stayed the night on the north summit with a view of Mount Bachelor, Brokentop, South Sister as well as Elk Lake to the south. Amazing views of the moon and sun rising over Mount Bachelor." - Koosah Mountain, cozmik, Jul 7, 2018
"Near perfect conditions for the day - arrived at timberline at 5 to summit at 10. Pearly gates were still solid even on descent with almost perfect stair-steps along the route. Bergschrund began to open up already, and two more crevasses had begun to form on old chute." - Mount Hood, sklarguy, Jun 2, 2018
"Couldn't have asked for better conditions heading up Hood. Sean and I started at 1 and summited at 6. Pearly gates were perfect with basically stairs already kicked in. Could see all the mountains you would hope to, Jefferson, Sisters, Rainer, Adams, Helens. We had the summit to ourselves for 20 minutes before heading back down the gates. Real glad I finally got to stand on top of Oregon." - Mount Hood, MatthewWinterberg, May 7, 2018
"Nice window opened up for a sunday summit. Left timberline at 1am, hit the top of palmer glacier at 2:45, the devils kitchen by 4:40, hogsback at 5:10 and summited 10 minutes before sunrise. I had other things to do that day so took some sunrise pics and dropped off the summit and was back at the car by 8." - Mount Hood, oregon-mt-goat, Apr 22, 2018
"Final peak of a four-bag-day. Had to hike in two miles because the single track road was so bad and sloppy I was afraid of sticking the Jeep. Hiking in I was reflecting on how many people actually had stepped foot on the ground I was walking on, not many I imagine since its in the middle of nowhere!" - Yreka Butte, oregon-mt-goat, Dec 29, 2017

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