Oregon peaks

3,677 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Hood

11,249 ft / 3,428 m

Most summited peak

Mount Hood

113 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Hood

7,706 ft / 2,348 m prom

Oregon summits

1,369 summits

First Ascent Awards

442 of 3,677 peaks 12%

Top climbing months

August 18%

July 15%

September 13%

Oregon mountains highlights

  • There are more peaks over 9,000 ft elevation in Oregon than in nearby Washington... a fact that often surprises many mountain enthusiasts in the region
  • The Wallowa Mountains in northeastern Oregon contain over 30 peaks at least 9,000 ft high
  • The Cascade Range bisects Oregon and includes several volcanic peaks, the highest being the famous Mount Hood at 11,249 ft
"Climbed to the Wagner Butte Lookout while pacing Cean over the last 20 miles of the Pine To Palm 100M. Left Grouse Gap around 6:30am as the sun was coming up. First climbed over McDonald Peak, then descended the ridge to the intersection of the Wagner Butte Trail and Wagner Glade Trail. Followed the Wagner Butte Trail to the old fire lookout. Spectacular views as the sun came up. Highly recommended!" - Wagner Butte Lookout, rsnipes, Sep 9, 2018
"Climbed McDonald Peak while pacing Cean over the last 20 miles of the Pine To Palm 100M. Left Grouse Gap around 6:30am as the sun was coming up. Climbed the ridge to the summit, then continued on the ridge to Split Rock. Highly recommended!" - McDonald Peak, rsnipes, Sep 9, 2018
"Number nine for 4 days. This one is a gimme on the traverse from Matterhorn to Sacajawea, but I'll take em where I can. Eazy ridge walk from Matterhorn, little to no exposure." - Peak 9775 ft, oregon-mt-goat, Aug 30, 2018
"Finally #10 for 4 days. The traverse from the Mid peak was worse than I had anticipated. The gendarmes required more climbing than I had thought, although the west side of all of them seemed like the way to go. A few high exposures with dire consequences, but fortunately there are only four gendarmes to get over. Once these are overcome the rest is just a walk up. Had a flock of tweety birds strafe me at the top which kind of shocked me, not sure what they were doing up at 9000 feet. " - Sacajawea Peak, oregon-mt-goat, Aug 30, 2018
"Number 8 over 4 days. Took around an hour and a half to gain the 2000 feet from Ice Lake. Conditions could not have been any better low temps and low winds. The brilliant white granite was incredible to climb on. Definitely different than anything else I climb locally, a real treat. " - Matterhorn Peak, oregon-mt-goat, Aug 30, 2018

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