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"The hike in on Tonga Ridge trail is a snap and the trail that splits off to the summit was marked with a cairn and some orange flagging. We lost the trail in the snow for a little while near the top, but once we found it again it was a very easy hike to the summit. There were no technical obstacles or even scrambling required. We had two dogs in our party and they were able to summit with us. This is a great hike." - mikebarlow, Jun 24, 2017
"Road 68 is in decent shape besides about 2 dozen gnarly potholes along the way. Road 6830 had even fewer potholes and just a few sections of wash boarded road. The lower slopes of Sobieski Mountain were visible across the Foss Creek valley on the drive up until I entered a thick fog around 3000 feet. Light snow began to fall before Road 310, and was a thin layer was already sticking in a few places. Trail 1058 was well kept to the Fisher Lake/Deception Creek Junction. I encountered several patches of firm snow above 5000 feet, mostly on the North side of Tonga Ridge. Mount Sawyer has a nice tr" - Jeb, Oct 27, 2013
"Did a morning trip to Mt. Sawyer and Tonga Ridge East. The trail to Sawyer is in good condition. Fall colors are starting. They will be better next couple of weeks. The summit was above the clouds, but the air was very hazy, so the views were not that good. " - MangyMarmot, Sep 23, 2012
"An easy jaunt to views piercing the Alpine Lakes Wilderness heart: Mt Daniel and Mt Hinman look particularly spectacular. Very hot in the 80s and swarms of flys that never left you alone. Ate sandwich at summit while hopping around to get away from these guys. Sightings: a lot of blueberries and 2 patches of snow. " - scott, Sep 10, 2011



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