10,064 ft / 3,068 m


6,224 ft / 1,897 m


472 summits

Top climbing months

June   16%

July   15%

September  11%

Most climbed route

Baldy Bowl Trail (aka Ski Hut Trail)

Class 1


  • Mount San Antonio, also known as Mount Baldy, is the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains, and the highest point in Los Angeles County.
  • Mount San Antonio's sometimes snow-capped peaks are visible on clear days and dominate the view of the Los Angeles skyline.
  • Also called Mount Baldy because of, as you can guess, its bald, treeless summit.
  • Currently home to the Mount Baldy Ski Lifts, the closest ski resort to Los Angeles.
  • Hiking trails access the summit from 3 sides of the mountain. The "Baldy Bowl" is popular with mountaineers; sections of the Bowl are steep with slopes of 45° to 50°.
"First technical winter climb up Baldy Bowl in mind blowingly gorgeous weather with forever views. Hooked. Powder up to waist high from the previous day's storm made for a hard slog up what I think was GIrly Man Chute of Hourglass. " - JustinB, Dec 7, 2018
"Drove up from Vegas to catch a couple of Dodgers games. Of course we had to hike too! We took Register Ridge up and Baldy Bowl Trail down. Hit Harwood, Baldy, West Baldy and Gold Ridge Mine Overlook." - Kevin, Jul 8, 2018
"To begin my loop hike, I began at the ski lift parking lot at the end of Mt Baldy Rd. Instead of taking the ski lift, I picked up a dirt road on the west end of the upper parking lot and connected with the dirt version of Mt Baldy Rd. This road continues to the ski lodge at Baldy Notch at the top of the ski lift. From there, I picked up the Devil's Backbone Trail and climbed to Mt Harwood, Mt Baldy, West Baldy, and then down to Gold Ridge Mine Overlook. Naturally, Mt Baldy was the main target of the hike. After visiting Mt Harwood, I continued on to Mt Baldy. While experiencing near perfect we" - Peak-Conquistador, Jun 16, 2018
"Truly perfect weather for my second summit of this local classic. Went around clockwise and down the steep use trail under the lift this time (poles are good there). Much nicer than grinding up the fire road. Also veered through Harwood for my 50th HPS peak. Previously this mountain had occupied a position of minor awe in my imagination; representing "serious", "dangerous" hiking. The first effort left me with a painful hiking hangover. It was nice to return and zip through it basically before lunch." - JustinB, May 23, 2018
"Typical mid-Spring climb with a small group of experienced hikers. Conditions were near-ideal, except for a bit of wind at the Harwood/Baldy saddle and a touch of heat as we were coming back down. Devil's Backbone is adrenaline-inducing yet beautiful as usual, but beware reckless trail runners this time of year." - ctrain2018, May 6, 2018



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