10,064 ft / 3,067 m


6,224 ft / 1,897 m


445 summits

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June   15%

July   14%

September  12%

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Baldy Bowl Trail (aka Ski Hut Trail)

Class 1


  • Mount San Antonio, also known as Mount Baldy, is the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains, and the highest point in Los Angeles County.
  • Mount San Antonio's sometimes snow-capped peaks are visible on clear days and dominate the view of the Los Angeles skyline.
  • Also called Mount Baldy because of, as you can guess, its bald, treeless summit.
  • Currently home to the Mount Baldy Ski Lifts, the closest ski resort to Los Angeles.
  • Hiking trails access the summit from 3 sides of the mountain. The "Baldy Bowl" is popular with mountaineers; sections of the Bowl are steep with slopes of 45° to 50°.
"Iron to Baldy Traverse (2x) with Scott B., Dash, and Wendi (she turned around on Iron). Gunsight Notch was the highlight of the trip with some really fun class 3. The steep climb up West Baldy included patches of mixed snow, ice, scree, and boulders. The last 300' saw us fight through 40+ mph winds getting up the ridge and over to Baldy." - tombecht, Jan 27, 2018
"It was a busy 4th of July weekend when we hiked the loop as suggested in the write up for Mt. San Antonio. We were surprised how many people came up/down on the lift to Baldy Notch, and it made the second part of the hike much busier than the first part up the fire road. Devil’s Backbone was busy – but not as busy as the summit – wow! Where did all these people come from! We returned down Baldy Bowl Trail – and because it was hot and dry – the trail was rather tough coming down, as you would slip on the dry, dusty path. I’m glad we didn’t go up that way! When we arrived at the creek by the Ski" - yosinalissebeck, Jul 2, 2017
"Absolutely an incredible day. Started off by missing one of the most obvious turns ever and going up the fire road a mile RT. All 3.5 liters were gone as I hit the parking lot done. Fitbit says for the day 401 flights of steps, my legs tend to think that's accurate. Outstanding views, tough summit. " - puddlepirate, Jun 27, 2017
"Nice walk up today. Katie and I are sick and she had to turn around early but I flemmed up it. Not much traffic and cool views. Then went to a Ducks game and watched them beat up the Oilers. Great day. " - MatthewWinterberg, Nov 15, 2016
" One of my best days on a mountain! So thankful that my buddy Shaun Garman made the the hike and was my wingman on the mountain all day. It was a beautiful day with the best weather you could ask for. Made some new friends too. Can't wait till next time!!!" - DoyleWalton, Nov 14, 2016



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