14,088 ft / 4,294 m


1,088 ft / 332 m


26 summits

Top climbing months

September  25%

June   22%

October   14%

Most climbed route

East Ridge

"The partially snow covered East Ridge made things exciting for Dash, Iris, Matt, and I. The usual less than 30 minute climb from the saddle took about 90 minutes working our way up slowly. Descended via the South Face Right Side chute before returning via the Sakai Col" - tombecht, Jun 3, 2018
"Fun scramble up the east ridge. Did it in a day hike via rockwell variation with Spud and Anna. Kinda had a late start (730) but we made it with great views and got to the e ledges at dark. " - MatthewWinterberg, Oct 11, 2016
"We did this as a repeat dayhike. We failed in June due to too much snow on the East Ridge. It was still present even when we did it but not enough to cause any real issues. Our group consisted of myself and one other. We ended up trying to help a group of 7 up but only one of them ended up finishing with us. We found someone who went up the south slopes and he decided to come back with us leading the east ridge. Beautiful weather. The ridge isn't hard but boy is it attention getting." - Irrationalist, Sep 20, 2015
"After summiting Whitney and spending a beautiful night at Upper Boy Scout Lake, left at approximately 9:30am up the dreaded scree slog to gain the Russell-Carillon saddle. Very little patches of snow here and there. Once gaining the saddle, climbed the East Ridge proper up and over the false east summit. As I approached the final summit, snow patches became more prevalent and very sketchy. The snow was soft, heavy and wet, and fearful entire slabs would slide off the north side with 1,200+ vertical drop, made for very mental and tiring climbing. Finally gained the final 60+ degree chute u" - DrBoz, May 25, 2014
"Hiked up to upper boyscott and setup camp, hiked Russell then slept at upper boy. Russell is prob my favorite peak yet, had some snow so my make it a class 4/5 and stayed high" - Ryan_Wallace, Oct 24, 2013



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