5,464 ft / 1,665 m


14 summits

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July   28%

August   28%

June   21%

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Winter snow route

"I read a few trip reports about the trailhead, so I thought I had enough info to find it. After some searching though, I came up empty handed. Not wanting to tuck my tail between my legs and go back home, I decided to bushwhack to the top figuring I would follow the trail back down and find the beginning. I figured if I headed straight for the ridge, I couldn't miss the trail. The hill side is quite overgrown at this time of year. I tried to limit the amount of underbrush I would have to plow through by staying in the creek bed as much as possible. This had only limited success as the creek" - MangyMarmot, Aug 12, 2012
"Pretty awesome actually. Or not. I misread instructions to the trailhead, went way too far, and parked in the middle of nowhere. Bushwhacked my way all the way through thick underbrush, washed out drainages, rock walls, etc, to the summit, where I finally found the trail, about three hundred feet from the summit. It was absolutely spectacular - there were a lot of clouds, but they moved out of the way on and off to let me get a good view of Index, Glacier, Rainier, and tons of other peaks I couldn't place. The way back down was pretty bad too - left the trail as it seemed to be heading in the " - quietbe27, Jul 29, 2012
"To reach the trailhead for Mt. Persis you want to head east on HW-2 and take a right onto forest road 62 just before milepost 33 near the town of Index. Once on the forest road you will head a few miles up climbing around 2500' in elevation on a rocky potholed road. You will want a high clearance vehicle. There are a couple junctions in the road where you will want to stay to the left and eventually the road will come to a dead end just past a wide spot in the road. The trail begins on the right side of the road next to the wide spot. Now that half the elevation is out of the way on the for" - Al-Rashid, Jun 9, 2012
"The route to Mt Persis Summit is physically exhausting, yet simple to navigate. From the trailhead we climbed east in a near straight line for about a mile to the NW ridge and its near-vertical east face, which we followed just over a mile to the top. The trail is well beaten and easy to spot, but also steep, overgrown, and very muddy. Even with no chance of rain I would recommend rain gear if you plan on hitting the trail in the early morning, before the dew is gone. Upon reaching the summit the gps app for my phone showed that we were still a few hundred feet west of our planned destinati" - Jeb, Jun 9, 2012
"I've been staring up at this cool mountain and it's neighbor, Mt. Index, and wondering what the Sky River Valley would look like from up there. Today was the day, and with the gate open near Hwy 2, we made our way up a winding logging road to the trailhead. After doing some research, I thought I was ready for the incline. What was in store for us was evident from the narrow, steep trail leading up from the parking area. It was truly a climb, and lasted for what seemed like more than a mile before finally leveling off. The views were amazing and I can't describe what it felt like upon reac" - RetrieversRule, Aug 21, 2011



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