2,008 ft / 612 m


3 summits

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January   33%

February   33%

March   33%

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"Another sea and summit hiking adventure! This is located in Sitio Cawag, Zambales and part of the ZCMC (Zambales Coastal Mountains and Coves). Situated between Mt.Balingkilat and Mt. Cinco Picos, Mt. Nagsasa is known for its wide open trails with endless views of the Zambales mountain range and coves. Unlike its two neighboring mountains, Mt. Nagsasa is considered a friendlier mountain in terms of difficulty and trek distance. The challenge for this trek would be the intense exposure to the sun thus starting the trek really early is the best way to enjoy the mountain. What makes this tr" - ramng, Mar 14, 2015
"A great year-starter at Nagsasa Cove. Blessed with great weather to see the nearby mountains around Mt. Nagsasa. Hiked from jump-off point, traversed Nagsasa and ended up swimming and relaxing at the beautiful beach. " - ramng, Jan 10, 2015


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