3,172 ft / 967 m


1,837 ft / 560 m


14 summits

Top climbing months

June   28%

May   21%

December   21%

"Meetup group Happy Hikers scaled the usual route. Spent a lot of time at the top and also exploring the other peaks. 19 of us celebrated birthday of one of us, then followed with lunch at the Rathdowney pub." - donizen, Apr 8, 2017
"Starting climbing on my own at 2 am. Co-hikers started at 1 am so joined them on the top. Even managed to have two naps during the climb and descent. Nine of us did the climb for the sunrise, but clouds got in the way. Cleared quite quickly after we started going down." - donizen, Dec 17, 2016
"A group of us climbed in the dark to watch the Orionid meteor showers. Unfortunately, cloudy weather thwarted that. We slept on the mountain and came back down at fight light on the Saturday." - donizen, Oct 21, 2016
"Led a Meetup group of 9 in torrential rain. Lots of cascades and waterfalls in places that were all dry in previous climbs. Left carpark at 7.45 am and back just on midday. Due to heavy rain, we did not stay at the top for long." - donizen, Jun 4, 2016


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