12,342 ft / 3,762 m


17 summits

Top climbing months

July   23%

August   17%

June   17%

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Standard Skin Track

"Early morning run.. were supposed to get a big winter storm starting tonight so I wanted to stand on one last summit before it arrives. Left my apt at 4:35 AM and was standing on top at 6:05 AM. On the way down I fell on a steep & technical section and busted up my left hip (which looks worse than it is.. just a superficial wound) and my left shoulder which I felt pop when I hit the ground.. (as of the next AM, its still pretty sore but I have pretty good range of motion. Sore when I lift it over my head though)." - Josh.C.Arthur, Nov 8, 2012
"a breakthrough trail run up to Gunsight Pass and then up snow slopes to the top of the Red Lady. could almost feel the molybdenum up here. great snow running back down to the pass" - scott, Jul 8, 2005



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