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Dawson Saddle

Class 1 • 1,395 ft / 425 m gain
"A 3-Peaker day today. Leaving from Dawson Saddle, climbed past Throop to summit Mt Burnham first (then over to Mt Hawkins then finishing with Throop). The PCT that connects the 3 is super-easy to follow, but the trail from PCT to the Burnham summit can barely be called a trail... just aim for the highest point and climb." - marc, Jul 22, 2018
"After seeing it from many different peaks, I finally made the trip to Burnham on 9/24/17. On the ridge along which lies Burnham, I have visited Throop Peak 3x (the last time just before going to Burnham), and Baden-Powell 2x (the last peak I visited after Burnham). Burnham on this day was the 2nd of 4 peaks I visited on this moderately challenging 9 mile round-trip hike from Dawson Saddle. I first went to Throop, then to Burnham, then to Unnamed Peak 9,100' (between Burnham and Baden-Powell), and to Baden-Powell. The weather was crisp and awesome, and along the way, I could see all the way" - brianpowell, Sep 24, 2017
"This was a four-peak day, starting at Dawson Saddle and ending at Vincent Gap. We hit Throop, Burnham and Baden-Powell and then headed down to Ross. Back up to Baden-Powell then down to the car shuttle we set up at Vincent Gap. Two of these peaks (Burnham and Ross) were new to me. This was an HPS hike led by the Doggetts. There were a lot of folks in the morning at Vincent Gap, and even a couple of horses, but we didn't really run into many folks on the trails. We did pass a few PCT through hikers. Ross was Jim Kidder's 100th HPS peak! It was a good day to do Ross--fairly cool, a good bit of c" - HikerMark, Jun 6, 2015
"Last stop of the day. This summit register was also missing, even though I signed it a few months back. Someone is going through great lengths to remove all the registers in the San Gabriels." - Christopher, Sep 9, 2013
"Made it up to Mt Baden-Powell in under 1.5 hours from Vincent Gap, then traversed the ridge to Mt Burnham, before heading back down. Beautiful day, even if it was a bit windy. Was hoping to see the ocean from the top, but it was too hazy." - Kevin, Jun 16, 2012



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