1,279 ft / 389 m


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14 summits

Top climbing months

March   28%

June   28%

July   21%

Most climbed route

Wawa Dam, Rodriguez Rizal

"This was our first climb and 100% of us are inexperienced climbers. The group was composed of high school teachers from San Jose National High School. We started out at around 4:30AM. The first part of the climb was quite easy since we were walking on a cemented pavement, passing through a residential area. But when we entered the forested area, we slowly felt the thrill :-). We reached the summit at about 8AM, took groupies and selfies for about 15 minutes only since many people were coming up the mountains, and reached Brgy Wawa around 10AM. It was a fruitful dayhike! :-)" - sylespina, Feb 6, 2016
"* There's a part of the climb that we call "kiss the wall" * Very sharp stone... some of it is razor sharp. Wearing gloves is a must. * Although this is a short mountain, the difficulty of it is 5/9" - Shifueya, Apr 11, 2015



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