Calabarzon peaks

203 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Sungay

7,641 ft / 2,328 m

Most summited peak

Mount Batulao

66 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Banahaw

7,080 ft / 2,157 m prom

Calabarzon summits

721 summits

First Ascent Awards

84 of 203 peaks 41%

Top climbing months

July 11%

March 10%

May 9%

Calabarzon mountains highlights

"Started in Los Banos at the university. It was Good Friday, Holy Week, lots of people! First part is a paved road. Lots of shops. Bought some bananas. Went to mud pool first. At Agila Base the path got small. Climbed through forest. A lady gave some information: watch out for leeches and need to come down at 14 o clock! Oh ooh. Detour between station 16 and 17 because of landslide. On the way up went hardcore, left everyone behind. Wanted to make the summit before deadline. Climbed like crazy, passed lots of people. Did not wait for people coming down. Got to Peak 2 at 13h45 uff! No possibilit" - Mount Makiling, Pieter, Mar 30, 2018
"Took tricycle from Tagaytay to Taal Lake. A catamaran took us to the Taal Island. Got a guide who took us on a dusty path up. Some people on horses. Had a beatiful view over the surroundings just before sunset." - Mount Taal, Pieter, Mar 14, 2018
"Went for a day hike at Mt. Maynoba to introduce hiking to some of our friends, got a nice weather and a clear view of the Sierra Madre mountain range. A lot of people hiked that day so trails are crowded. We also enjoyed swimming on the "Gugulong na Bato Falls" - one of the eight waterfalls that can be found along the trail going back to the jump-off." - Mount Maynoba, frankoie, Feb 24, 2018
"We had a 5-hour day hike at Mt. Cayabu, Mt. Maynoba then traverse down to the 8 waterfalls going back to the jump-off. Strong winds and some drizzle accompanied us during the hike. " - Mount Maynoba, frankoie, Jan 3, 2018
"Part of the "Maysawa Circuit" in Brgy. Cuyambay Tanay Rizal, started the hike from a rough road then passed through a forested area before ascending up a steep grassy trail. The trail is slippery during rainy season. We descend on the trail going to Mt. Binutasan - the other part of the "circuit"." - Mount Sapari, frankoie, Oct 21, 2017

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