2,660 ft / 811 m


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66 summits

Top climbing months

January   14%

October   12%

July   10%

Most climbed route

Old Trail

"20171203 Dayhike 0900H to 1800H Entry fork + Old trail 1000H + Old trail campsite 1330H + Summits + New trail reverse 1430H-1730H, back to entry 1800H Mostly sunny with cold wind spells. Patches of drizzle and light rain on 1330H and moderate rain at 1830H Started the climb with meet-up at Manila and at Evercrest entrance. Muddy entry trail from Evercrest to entry fork. Crossed small rocky paths with difficulty. Dry path from sunny weather. First registration. Hot forest traverse in old trail, but cooled off by brief wind sways. 1210H Momentarily lost midway from trail. Second registratio" - christianr009, Dec 3, 2016
"* Traverse from old trail to the new trail. * Freaking super mega scorching earth hot due to it's open field trail. * One of the most spacious summit I've seen. * No fresh buko sale on the old trail :) * Very windy " - Shifueya, Feb 21, 2015
"This is my second visit to this mountain, first was a dayhike but this time its an overnight. Encountered foggy and muddy trails because of rain. We werent able to enjoy our socials at campsite because of the rain but the next day weather is good and perfect for summit assault." - peakaholic, Oct 19, 2014



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