13,054 ft / 3,979 m


440 ft / 134 m


10 summits

Top climbing months

July   40%

August   30%

June   20%

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"After a mentally and physically taxing climb of Mt Morrison the previous day, I decided on a rest day exploring the whites. I've ignored poor mt Barcroft on my ascents of White Mountain, so today it was time to pay it a visit. I forgot how amazing the views were up here. Great day! " - calipidder, Aug 22, 2014
"The plan was to drive up Friday night, hike White Mountain (and Barcroft) on Saturday, then drive to Lone Pine & do Mount Whitney & Muir on Sunday. White & Barcroft went perfectly, but we ran into lightning & hail at 11,900 ft on our way to Whitney/Muir, so we abandoned the plan." - Kevin, Jul 19, 2014
"Mountain biked from locked gate stashed bikes right off road walked to top Wind up there can make 70 feel like 30 in 5 minutes so crawled in hut for a few minutes view from Sierras to vegas maybe even utah Awsome " - millerc686, Aug 15, 1985


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