2,057 ft / 626 m


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22 summits

Top climbing months

May   23%

June   16%

April   13%

Most climbed route

Wawa Dam to Mt. Ayaas

"My Year End Climb and New Year Celebration in the mountain on December 31, 2015 to January 3, 2016. After my New Year Celebration at Mt. Balagbag with Kap Nico Rosa and Kap Mary Ethel we resume our trek to Mt. Ayaas with Kap Marlon and Kap Eda. A traverse climb from Balagbag to Pamitinan via Pulang Lupa Trail featuring Sitio Macaingalan, Puray Falls (Tungtung Falls), Mt. Ayaas, Wawa, and Pamitinan. #FullPack #PutikTrail #FourDaysTrekking" - JahBlezz, Jan 2, 2016
"- River trekking is a must :) - No water source (for drinking), unless you want to drink the river water. - 3 waterfalls along the trail. - The summit is naked from shades. Scorching hot." - Shifueya, Aug 16, 2015



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