7,764 ft / 2,366 m


3,296 ft / 1,005 m


7 summits

Top climbing months

July   42%

August   42%

May   14%

Most climbed route

West Ridge

"From the trail head, 40 switchbacks (counted) and 3.5 mile to gain Nelson Ridge. Travel 1/2 mile south to the end of Nelson Ridge. The trail turns east and 500' down into the saddle and then up to Mount Aix. Moderately steep starting at the saddle thru loose rock to the summit. At the far side of the saddle the summit trail is lightly marked and points directly to the top. 40-50' easy scramble. The main trail continues east. Wait for a sunny day and don't attempt too early or snow may be a problem. " - MountainDog, Jul 14, 2016


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