5,496 ft / 1,675 m


536 ft / 163 m


25 summits

Top climbing months

January   27%

April   17%

March   13%

Most climbed route

Maple Springs Road

"Rode the MTB up Modjeska and Santiago from Silverado Ranger Station. Maple Springs Road is an awesome ride, both up and down. The Main Divide Road, however, was covered with baseball-size rocks that made for a frustrating climb and a very bumpy descent." - klotito, Apr 21, 2018
"By the time I reached Modjeska Peak, I was rather worn down by the long hike. The cold day really helped to keep me going. At about 11 miles into my 4 peak loop hike, I summited Modjeska. I was rudely greeted with a sawed off sign post marking the summit. I didn't relax on the summit because it was really cold up there. Several plants on the summit were coated with ice. To complete the loop, I needed to descend from the summit and follow Maple Springs Road all the way back to the trailhead. These final 7 miles were definitely the longest portion of the hike since there is nothing much exciting" - Peak-Conquistador, Feb 19, 2018
"This is my second ascent of Modjeska, and unlike the first time, I had my own working camera! I have summitted both Modjeska and Santiago before, but never on the same hike (it is physically draining just getting to either one alone!!), but this time I was driven to do both on the same hike. I started in the dark at about 5:45 am with my headlamp. I hiked up all the way from Maple Springs Trailhead in Silverado Canyon, up the paved portion and up the dirt part passing through several wonderful groves of White Alder, Coast Live Oak, and Sycamore, and then higher up, Bigcone Douglas-Firs and " - brianpowell, Jan 20, 2018
"Side tag after Santiago. Use trail down to the saddle from Santiago is in great shape. Lower use trail up to Modjeska from the saddle partially overgrown with whitethorns but passable." - edg, Jan 6, 2018
"Ultimate workout day hike, roughly 20 miles round-trip of great scenery, bounds of beautiful shrubs and trees, which my camera could not capture since it died on me this week. I borrowed a buddy's cell phone so I could snap photos of this lofty, noble summit, and am still waiting for him to e-mail the photos so I can upload them to this site. I came up ascending the Silverado Fire Road/Motorway Switchbacks from the Maple Springs Trailhead area at Silverado canyon. Modjeska was the third of three peaks this day, the first being Bedford Peak (3,800'), then Bald Peak (3,947'), and ultimately a" - brianpowell, Dec 3, 2016



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