4,140 ft / 1,261 m


240 ft / 73 m


197 summits

Top climbing months

September  15%

August   13%

October   12%

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Pine Bend Brook Trail


  • Middle Tripyramid is New Hampshire 4000 footer in the Sandwich Range of the White Mountains.
  • Part of Mount Tripyramid, so named for its three distinct peaks along a mile-long summit ridge.
  • Scaur Peak and The Fool Killer are subsidiary peaks to the northwest and northeast.
  • To the southeast, Tripyramid is flanked by The Sleepers.
  • Both North and Middle Tripyramid are included in the AMC's New England 4000-footers peak challenge. Although over 4,000 feet high, South Tripyramid is not because it stands less than 200 ft above the col on the ridge from Middle Tripyramid.
"After N. Tripyramid, we went over and did Middle. We knocked into Ed Hawkins on the way over. He gave each of us a couple of Dove chocolates. We reached Middle and still had no views. On the way back out, we got views on North Tri. Great hike." - newenglandwarrior, Apr 28, 2018
"My second summit for the day, after North Tripyramid. The Black Hawk helicopter flew over head as I hiked between North and Middle peaks. Met a bearded fellow who raise the American flag at the summit. He had pistachio cookies! Two nice viewpoints, to both the east and west. Continued on to South Tripyramid." - gullyhiker, Sep 9, 2017
"Well, I don't know how to even tell this story...it's a little bit of a dramatic "don't do/ what could go wrong" story. A friend and I set out to climb Whiteface...it was a beautiful 50 degree day...the sun was shining...it was perfect! About halfway up I said something about if we were real crazy we would have hiked over to the tripyramids...she said, well you should do it and I will drive and get you. I giggled...thought about it and said awesome. I called a hiking friend while I still had service to ask him to track the route and tell me if he saw any water crossings and how long it would " - shay-shay, Mar 9, 2017
"Bagged this after going up the North Slide to North Tripyramid. The col between the two was a nice descent to the Sabbaday junction, then it was a steep final 0.2 to the Middle summit." - HikeLikeMike, Jul 24, 2016
"Headed to middle Tripyramid after summiting north Tripyramid. Really quick hike over to the summit. Way less ice than the pine bend Brook trail. Two other hikers and I hung out on the summit. All of us working towards out NE111. I used the Sabbaday Brook trail on the way down. Much nicer trail with way less ice. Checked out Sabbaday falls on the end of the trail and then walked the kankamangus 1 mile back to my car." - LGH-Tom, May 11, 2016



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