4,140 ft / 1,262 m


240 ft / 73 m


186 summits

Top climbing months

September  15%

August   14%

October   13%

Most climbed route

Pine Bend Brook Trail


  • Middle Tripyramid is New Hampshire 4000 footer in the Sandwich Range of the White Mountains.
  • Part of Mount Tripyramid, so named for its three distinct peaks along a mile-long summit ridge.
  • Scaur Peak and The Fool Killer are subsidiary peaks to the northwest and northeast.
  • To the southeast, Tripyramid is flanked by The Sleepers.
  • Both North and Middle Tripyramid are included in the AMC's New England 4000-footers peak challenge. Although over 4,000 feet high, South Tripyramid is not because it stands less than 200 ft above the col on the ridge from Middle Tripyramid.



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