10,047 ft / 3,062 m


1,127 ft / 343 m




19 summits

Top climbing months

August   26%

April   21%

July   15%

Most climbed route

Hayden Glacier

Class 3 • 3,125 ft / 953 m gain
"Nice day to try out the new splitboard setup. Had the mountain to myself. Didn't see anyone until about 1 mile from my return to the trailhead. I left my gear under Prouty Point for my double summit bid and when I got back the ravens had opened my pack, tore all my gear out and ate my lunch. Thankfully I had some starburst in my pocket to munch on my way out. Damn birds!!" - oregon-mt-goat, Jun 5, 2017
"Hit Pole Creek TH at 7:20 am on a bluebird morning with the forecast calling for clouds and winds coming in around 1pm so I was cruising from the start. Ran into consistent snow at 5700 ft but was able to maintain my trail finding for another couple of miles. Eventually just took a straight line shot at middle through the burn. Put on the skins at 6350 ft and slid up to the saddle at 11:00am. Immediately dumped all my gear, through on the crampons, grabbed the ice axe and started climbing. Topped out at 12:30 and saw the clouds were building in from the west. Enjoyed the summit for a while and" - oregon-mt-goat, Apr 26, 2016
"Short report: Pole Creek TH 7 AM, Saddle @ 11 AM, Summit 12 PM, Back to TH 4 PM. Legs were not in it and definitely need more training for long summits. Snow level was surprisingly low for this time of year." - oregon-mt-goat, Mar 29, 2015
"Left Pole Creek TH at 5:30 am, elevation 5300 ft. Pole Creek was past its banks, but there was a down tree perfectly across only 20 yards from the original crossing. Made my way up the trail until around 6400 ft when the snow was pretty consistent and then threw on the split board and climbing skins. Broke out of the trees and onto Hayden Glacier around 7:30 and skinned my way between Middle and North. I got to the saddle, 9000 ft., at 9:30 and put on my boots and crampons and headed up to the summit. Snow conditions were very icy and wind scoured, but I kept traversing the slope making use of" - oregon-mt-goat, May 24, 2014



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