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"I went with Joel, Christopher and J up to the top of Low Mountain. It's a straightforward but longish hike up the Denny Creek trail to Hemlock Pass at 4800 ft. From here, we turned sharp left, due South and immediately onto the northern ridge of Low. The ridge quickly becomes narrow with a very steep drop-off on both sides. It's slow-going for a while with trees and not much alternative but to stick to the exact ridge. Eventually it opens up to a flat area. We circled around to the west to find a small tarn, then up some talus to a steeper ridge and a false summit. From here, it wasn't " - markgarrett, Jul 24, 2016
"With a last minute day off of work, I thought I'd take advantage of a sunny forecast to visit Denny Creek without the usual crowds. The road was mostly clear, the few ruts fully melted out and passable by a medium clearance car until the turnoff to the trailhead, which was covered in a few inches of snow. There were no other cars when we started up the trail at 7:45. Two to three feet of snow was mostly packed down by boots along the trail until the the upper log crossing above both falls, where a few sets of crampons continued. Besides a few brief clearings we were in fog most of the day." - Jeb, Jan 22, 2014
"Low Mountain has been on my radar for some time now, having failed two summit bids due to soft snow and lack of proper gear. So needles to say, I was stoked to see a recent trip report by a few NWHikers with snowshoes. Thanks to Gimpilator, EastKing, and Jacob Smith for packing down a nice trench for me! The road is covered in snow from the junction at Asahel Curtis, and I was lucky to make it within a 1/4 mile of the trail head (which was covered in 1-2' of powder) with balding passenger tires. Leaving the car just before 8 o'clock, I made good time up to the first crossing of Denny C" - Jeb, Dec 15, 2012



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