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Lassen Peak Trail

Class 1 • 2,196 ft / 669 m gain


  • Lassen Peak is the southernmost active volcano in the Cascade Range.
  • Lassen rises 2,000 feet above the surrounding terrain and has a volume of half a cubic mile, making it one of the largest lava domes on Earth.
  • Lassen Peak has the distinction of being the only volcano in the Cascades other than Mount St. Helens to erupt during the 20th century.
  • On May 22, 1915, a powerful explosive eruption at Lassen Peak devastated nearby areas and rained volcanic ash as far away as 200 miles east.
  • Unlike most lava domes, Lassen Peak is topped by craters.
  • Lassen Peak has the highest known winter snowfall amounts in California, with annual snowfalls reaching more than 1,000 inches in some years at its base at "Lake Helen".
  • A well-maintained class 1 route leads to the summit from Lake Helen.
"In an attempt to escape the wildfires in Oregon, took advantage of a National Park free day and drove down to Lassen NP. Bagged prospect peak and cinder cone in the early afternoon, then drove up to Lassen Peak TH. Arrived around 5pm and the temps were just perfect. Light wind. Despite the warnings at the parking lot and trial sign of snow and the need for cramps and ax I left in just my sneakers. Thankfully the first people I passed told me that the trail was snow free and it was an quick hike up. This trail is crazy with switchbacks. I counted twenty on the sign going up but eclipsed that nu" - oregon-mt-goat, Aug 25, 2017
"Long weekend fly down and bag Shasta and Lassen on skis. Started in the bluebird morning, empty parking lot at -5C. Sun appeared over horizon minutes later and it was 14C shortly after. Such a beautiful peak and awesome north ridge to ascend to false summit past some steaming holes. Scramble over to true summit and clouds were coming but warm and no wind. 1000m descent off summit and skiied right to parking lot. I'll do that one again. 4 hrs up. 1 hr down. 24C in the parking lot." - alexjoseph, May 15, 2017
"This was a quick side trip after summiting Mt Shasta since I was in the area. I kind of expected more after what I've heard about Lassen. But non-the-less this is a great mountain for ski descents regardless of it's lack of technical alpine ascent routes. The mountain itself is a beautiful volcanic plug. Snow in this area seems to keep/stay longer than elsewhere in the region. Anyway - did a quick ascent of the northeast face. Nothing spectacular to report. " - DrBoz, Jun 14, 2014
"We went early in the morning, leaving Redding (hour and a half or so drive) around 2-3 am. We started on the trail near 4am, alone in the parking lot. The trail has been under some construction, and is closed almost year round, so i expected to find more people to night hike for the sunrise. The trail is in good condition, and there was no snow. Our group (all fairly fit 19 year olds) made it up the trail in about an hour and a half, and just reached the peak as the east sky started glowing from purple to orange. It was spectacular to witness, and a wonderful hike with friends. Great for mode" - SunburnedSasquatch, Sep 7, 2013
"summited with my kids, had lunch and explored. it was awesome. both during the day and also at night . two very different worlds up there, i got stuck in the crater,kinda scarry to get out. did not thik i would make it out best place on earth" - tammy.leslie3, Jul 20, 2008



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