5,764 ft / 1,756 m


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June   21%

August   17%

July   17%

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hurricane ridge

"A beautiful fall day for a hike, I took my 75 year old mother on this very accessible hike. She has lived at the base of this mountain for almost 60 years and had never hiked this trail. She now has a new appreciation for the mountain she sees every morning she opens her bedroom drapes. " - Hillary, Oct 9, 2017
"very easy trail. I would consider it a tourist trail. and w/ the amount of people up there I would say I was right. most of trail is above treeline. huge meadow near top. loved that there were touristy signs so you knew what peaks you were looking at. we saw lots of wildlife- several deer, chipmunks, and even a marmut. beautiful day. even w/ all the people, we found a nice ledge to have lunch at alone, and yes- a cold beer. could see port angeles and it's harbor, mt baker, across the strait to victoria, and beyond. there was a large fire burning to the west of victoria. " - Hillary, Sep 12, 2014
"Just couldn't have chosen a better weekend for snowshoeing at Hurricane Hill. It was mostly clear, all the peaks were out, but it was very cold and windy up on the summit. Even got to play in the snow like a little kid for awhile....great trip!" - aimk13, Mar 24, 2012
"Extremely windy and bitter cold, with obscured views and near whiteout in some places. Still a fun trip, but a long draining day. Made some detours to avoid avalanche-prone areas." - diana, Feb 26, 2011


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