4,040 ft / 1,231 m


2,160 ft / 658 m




143 summits

Top climbing months

October   11%

July   10%

February   9%

Most climbed route

Spruceton Trail(Blue)

"Not a bad day for a hike. Not too cold. Weren't any views due to the cloud cover. Hiked with a friend from work and another friend. Could have used crampons above 3500' but we managed with mircrospikes. " - LGH-Topple, Jan 30, 2018
"Hiked with Uncle Gernie & John. We met at the park& ride in Catskill off of the Thruway & then took one vehicle to the trailhead. The hike started out as a crisp cool morning, very overcast. We meandered up the trail at an easy pace, there were a few nasty icy sections near the top, and about a quarter mile from the summit, it started to snow lightly. We hung out at the summit for quite awhile goofing around and catching up, my uncle has never seen a fire tower in person so he got a real kick out of it. The snow picked up as a meet-up group of hikers arrived on the summit. By the time we heade" - kellieirene, Dec 9, 2017
"Back to the Blackhead range to finish my 15th round on Black Dome then headed down to West Kill to scoot up Hunter. Got a late start in the morning so now I’m fighting the clock to get up Hunter and then get home in time to pick up the wife at the train station. Power hiked up then promptly ran back down to the car, no time for lollygagging unfortunately. Luckily only the upper part of the trail, above the leanto, had patches of ice or frozen snow with the gravel still poking out for grip and minimal slip." - Nimblefoot, Dec 4, 2017
"Out after Sunday's big rain storm visiting West Kill and Hunter. All creeks, streams and falls are running fast and full. A lot of limbs and trees down on the trails. Spruceton trail is washed out where the DEC layed down a layer of large crushed rock a year or so ago and the large puddles past the leanto are back and bigger. Nice steady climb to the summit tower where I met a local guy with his dog enjoying the cool weather and partial sunshine. Hunter completes the month of October for the second time." - Nimblefoot, Oct 31, 2017
"The Catskill Four did a loop of SW Hunter, Hunter and Rusk mountains from Spruceton road. Lunch at the picnic table then we climbed the fire tower to get the views and escape the bugs." - Nimblefoot, Jun 13, 2017



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