4,040 ft / 1,231 m


2,160 ft / 658 m


158 summits

Top climbing months

October   15%

May   11%

July   9%

Most climbed route

Spruceton Trail(Blue)

"Hiked all 5 Catskill Towers in 2 days to complete the Fire Tower Challenge. This was the toughest, steep trail to the top, with conditions typical of a peak over 4,000ft, cold wet and even a bit of snow. This was our 5th and final in our trip. The Catskill Fire Towers are complete, as now is the ADK/Catskill Fire Tower Challenge. " - UK-Ranger, Oct 20, 2018
"Finally the last task at hand.The Beast of the bunch, Hunter Mountain, Not concidered the longest but the steepest! @ 4040 ft of elevation making it compared to an Adarondaks climb.Trail was a gradual climb with water falls and mountain beauty along the trail before your never ending steep ascent,, Again Careful on those rocks,, ended up on my butt a couple times here — at Catskill Mountains." - ramjet1963, Oct 20, 2018
"Went on a big ole loop hike starting at the western end of the Devil's Path, going over St Anne's, West Kill, SW Hunter and then finally Hunter. There was a dusting of snow on my climb up St. Anne's and over to West Kill but it melted not to long after that. Diamond Notch Falls was roaring and the clouds and lighting from Hunter was superb. Quite a few people out on the trails for a mid-october Friday, but it was quite the beautiful day. Finished the trip off with a three mile road walk and a stop in at the West Kill Brewery." - Right-On, Oct 19, 2018
"Laura, Steve and I were joined by Laura’s dog Lilly for a fun romp of SW Hunter and Hunter mountains. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch at the picnic table on Hunter while attempting to dry our wet shirts in the sun. On our descent on the Spruceton trail we noticed that the DEC have re-dug all the waterbars in an attempt to dry up the often wet trail. Down near the saddle with East Rusk we encountered the work crew of four working on the water bars with a Bobcat and the trail itself with fill and a plate vibrator. Looking forward to an interesting sled ride this coming winter when the snow is deep " - Nimblefoot, Sep 4, 2018
"Out getting the two Hunters and the Colonels Chair as a break from work and house chores. Nice quiet day hiking solo. At the summit found two couples enjoying their lunch time break. No climb of the tower as the overcast sky would have diminished the fine views. " - Nimblefoot, Jul 30, 2018



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