4,040 ft / 1,231 m


2,160 ft / 658 m




151 summits

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May   12%

October   11%

July   10%

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Spruceton Trail(Blue)

"Laura, Steve and I were joined by Laura’s dog Lilly for a fun romp of SW Hunter and Hunter mountains. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch at the picnic table on Hunter while attempting to dry our wet shirts in the sun. On our descent on the Spruceton trail we noticed that the DEC have re-dug all the waterbars in an attempt to dry up the often wet trail. Down near the saddle with East Rusk we encountered the work crew of four working on the water bars with a Bobcat and the trail itself with fill and a plate vibrator. Looking forward to an interesting sled ride this coming winter when the snow is deep " - Nimblefoot, Sep 4, 2018
"Out getting the two Hunters and the Colonels Chair as a break from work and house chores. Nice quiet day hiking solo. At the summit found two couples enjoying their lunch time break. No climb of the tower as the overcast sky would have diminished the fine views. " - Nimblefoot, Jul 30, 2018
"A nice rainy day with the occasional brief dry spell. Light steady rain that makes us a bit soggy by the end of the day despite wearing rain jacket and pants. We are up to participate in the 3500 Club litter pickup along Rt 214 then do a wet clown hike of Hunter and SW Hunter. With gusty winds added to the rain on the summit we could really feel the weather. Climbing the fire tower was not too inviting especially since the view would be disappointing. We devoured a batch of homemade vegetable dumplings ,donated by Yong Ae , as we huddled behind the cabin to get out of the wind. She was plannin" - Nimblefoot, May 19, 2018
"Not a bad day for a hike. Not too cold. Weren't any views due to the cloud cover. Hiked with a friend from work and another friend. Could have used crampons above 3500' but we managed with mircrospikes. " - LGH-Topple, Jan 30, 2018
"Hiked with Uncle Gernie & John. We met at the park& ride in Catskill off of the Thruway & then took one vehicle to the trailhead. The hike started out as a crisp cool morning, very overcast. We meandered up the trail at an easy pace, there were a few nasty icy sections near the top, and about a quarter mile from the summit, it started to snow lightly. We hung out at the summit for quite awhile goofing around and catching up, my uncle has never seen a fire tower in person so he got a real kick out of it. The snow picked up as a meet-up group of hikers arrived on the summit. By the time we heade" - kellieirene, Dec 9, 2017



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