14,055 ft / 4,284 m


1,908 ft / 582 m


62 summits

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July   29%

August   26%

September  18%

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American Basin


  • Handies Peak is a Colorado 14er in the San Juan Mountains.
  • No roads or towns can be seen from the remote summit.
  • Near two other 14ers: Redcloud Peak and Sunshine Peak.
  • Climbers typically climb Handies one day and hit Redcloud and Sunshine the next.
"Hit the trail at 7am. Call for bad weather in the afternoon. Made the summit at 10am. It was soooo cold and windy I only stayed at the summit for five minutes, enough time to take photos. On the descent, around 12000' is when the snow started. Within minutes it was impossible to see the summit. Glad I came down when I did, others were going up." - Brandon-Shinsplint-, Sep 17, 2017
"About an inch of new snow fell the night before up past treeline. The hike from Grizzly Gulch was fun passing through all the trees and meadows. There were some icy/sketchy spots in the upper part of the climb and I had to take it slow. I never thought I would need spikes in August!" - WaxDr, Aug 29, 2016
"The say the best climbers have the worst memories- the day after hurting my ankle on Gladstone, wanted to test it on something easier. Mostly swelling and bruising with minimal pain, 2 hours up American Basin. Complete TR: http://themtsarecalling.com/handies/" - Christopher, Jul 15, 2016
"This was a last minute decision hike after doing Wetterhorn. It was my first complete night hike to gain a sunrise summit. Lemme tell you, sunrise summits are wicked cold! Tons of shooting stars and an easy hike to navigate in the dark (which was good because we got separated due to speed) until you get to the final push as it was very lose ground. Absolutely worth it. And it was kinda cool to be back at camp by 9am to rest and start over. " - kelseyjames8675309, Aug 15, 2015
"Some snow flurries, and there was still a decent amount of snow patches. Began hike at 7:40am, peaked at noon, ended hike at 3:20pm. We took a very slow pace, but I didn't mind since it was my first hike of the season and I just returned to CO the week before after a 3-month absence. CO 14er #21 Attempted a second trip later in the summer, that time from Grizzly Gulch, but ended up turning back due to bad weather." - Globetrotter87, Jun 4, 2013



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