9,006 ft / 2,745 m


1,866 ft / 568 m


22 summits

Top climbing months

July   22%

August   18%

September  13%

Most climbed route

Granite Chief Trail

"Booted up from the Granite Chief chairlift on its opening day in what's so far been a low-snow season... eyed dropping in the main chute but the coverage looked a bit iffy. Next time." - scott, Jan 21, 2018
"The trip up was pretty uneventful but the trip back was another story. I had planned on climbing Needle and Lyon Peaks along with this one. Halfway to Needle Peak I heard the roar of thunder. I hunkered down hoping it would pass. Once it appeared to be somewhat subsiding I decided to give up attempting those two peaks and started to head back to Granite Peak. As I got back near the summit the thunder and lightning intensified. I hunkered down again but then I felt the first few drops of rain. By this time it was 4PM and I figured I'd have to get moving if I wanted to make it back to my " - Sledhead29, Sep 8, 2017
"Started hike from fire station next to Squaw Valley Village. Hiked a total of 8 miles (to top of peak and over to Squaw Valley Ski Resort to ride the tram back down to village. Great views. Lots of beautiful clouds. " - monicahealey, Sep 4, 2016
"No snow until ~7,500, then pretty consistent cover. Headed directly up the North Ridge, was steeper then expected but the snow was soft enough where there wasn't a huge risk of falling." - Christopher, Feb 3, 2015



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