9,006 ft / 2,745 m


1,866 ft / 569 m


26 summits

Top climbing months

July   22%

June   18%

August   14%

Most climbed route

Granite Chief Trail

"Did this as part of a three-peak climb: Granite Chief, Needle Peak, and Lyon Peak. We started from the fire station at Squaw. The wildflowers are spectacular right now. It was a super long day, so I see why so many people only do Granite Chief! Had lunch at the summit of GC before continuing on to the other two peaks." - kaylam87, Jun 30, 2018
"Hiked Granite Chief, Needle Peak, and Lyons Peak in one day. There is a clear trail to Granite Chief and it's off trail to Needle and Lyons Peaks. After summiting Lyons Peak we headed (bushwacked) south to connect onto the Tevis Cup Trail. Saw two black bears. " - firesoren90, Jun 30, 2018
"Booted up from the Granite Chief chairlift on its opening day in what's so far been a low-snow season... eyed dropping in the main chute but the coverage looked a bit iffy. Next time." - scott, Jan 21, 2018
"The trip up was pretty uneventful but the trip back was another story. I had planned on climbing Needle and Lyon Peaks along with this one. Halfway to Needle Peak I heard the roar of thunder. I hunkered down hoping it would pass. Once it appeared to be somewhat subsiding I decided to give up attempting those two peaks and started to head back to Granite Peak. As I got back near the summit the thunder and lightning intensified. I hunkered down again but then I felt the first few drops of rain. By this time it was 4PM and I figured I'd have to get moving if I wanted to make it back to my " - Sledhead29, Sep 8, 2017
"Started hike from fire station next to Squaw Valley Village. Hiked a total of 8 miles (to top of peak and over to Squaw Valley Ski Resort to ride the tram back down to village. Great views. Lots of beautiful clouds. " - monicahealey, Sep 4, 2016



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