12,221 ft / 3,725 m


64 ft / 20 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

March   33%

April   33%

July   33%

Most climbed route

Pessman trail and bushwhack

"We had a very brief idea to summit Evans, but of course there was too much snow. We started at the parking area of the lodge. We headed up the road that was plowed and worked our way up to Mt Goliath. The nature center was of course closed but seeing the Bristol Cone Pines was cool. The climb was fun and a little dangerous as there were still huge snow banks on the other side. We climbed down the snow bank to the road hoping to stay on the road moving forward but got trapped between drifts and had to climb back up. The wind on Goliath was intense. Was not our goal but was a good day. Hiked wi" - Brandon-Shinsplint-, Apr 26, 2014


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