Sachsen peaks

2,365 peaks

Highest peak


3,986 ft / 1,214 m

Most summited peak


4 summits

Most prominent peak


1,207 ft / 367 m prom

Sachsen summits

26 summits

First Ascent Awards

19 of 2,365 peaks 0%

Top climbing months

March 50%

July 19%

December 7%

Sachsen mountains highlights

"Funny, but in one day I found two peaks, both are claiming that they are #1 in Brandenburg state of Germany.. (depends on source) First one is Kutschenberg (201m) and second one is Heidehöhe (201m). Each about 10 kilometers away.. Hard to say which one is the real high point. Both has official stone marks, both are very similar height, however on the Heidehöhe peak mark is written 201,4 meters.. Which makes it is 40 centimeters higher.. :) So, just be sure I made both.. Few kilometers walk on the forest route. So many blueberries around… : ) Close to the peak there is big observation tow" - Heidehöhe, Deividas, Jul 20, 2013
"Wide and well marked trail lead to the top. I found border marks, triangulation point, communication tower and some kind of construction on the top.. Excellent views to surroundings.. Peak is number 81# in Germany by prominence (CP=424 m)" - Lausche, Deividas, Apr 20, 2013
"Snowshoe hike from the nearby city. There are restaurants, hotels and ski centre on the top. Was so windy and cold (end of March!) that for a second I was thought to turn back... : )" - Fichtelberg, Deividas, Mar 23, 2013

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