13,958 ft / 4,254 m


611 ft / 186 m


9 summits

Top climbing months

August   33%

June   22%

October   22%

Most climbed route

blue lakes trailhead

"Originally planned to do the class three ridge of father dyer and crystal peak loop, but on the way up I was just hiking quietly when I heard what sounded like a big animal. I'm along crystal creek at this point and in a marshy area so I assume it's a moose. I continue, making sure to kick some rocks around to make noise and as I scan the area I see two big ears. At first I think oh crap a mountain lion. Then it moves to the left to get a better view of me and I realize it's a huge (brown) black bear! Once I realize I'm looking at a big bear just off to the side of the next section of trail I'" - tylerburg, Aug 31, 2015



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