20,320 ft / 6,194 m


20,156 ft / 6,144 m




32 summits

Top climbing months

June   47%

May   28%

July   11%

Most climbed route

West Buttress


  • Denali (at one point known as Mount McKinley) in Alaska is a monumentally prolific mountain and the centerpiece of Denali National Park.
  • Not only is Denali the highest mountain in North America, but it has the greatest vertical rise of any mountain in the world and a bulk larger than Mount Everest.
  • The mountain is also characterized by extremely cold weather, reaching -100 ¡F in one measurement.
  • Due to its extreme latitude, the air has less oxygen than equivalently high peaks near the equator, adding to the risk of altitude sickness for climbers.
  • Denali has two significant summits: the South Summit is the highest one, while the North Summit has an elevation of 19,470 feet.
  • Five large glaciers flow off the slopes of the mountain: Peters Glacier, Muldrow Glacier, Traleika Glacier, Ruth Glacier, and the Kahiltna Glacier.
  • By far the most popular climbing route on the mountain is the West Buttress Route pioneered by Bradford Washburn in 1951.



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