Alaska peaks

2,899 peaks

Highest peak


20,310 ft / 6,190 m

Most summited peak


34 summits

Most prominent peak


20,146 ft / 6,140 m prom

Alaska summits

367 summits

First Ascent Awards

192 of 2,899 peaks 6%

Top climbing months

July 20%

June 20%

August 18%

Alaska mountains highlights

"Long uphill climb well over 13 miles round trip. Beautiful. day, extremely steep the entire trip, my hiking partner stopped when we hit the ridgeline to Suicide. Definitely bring bear bells, spray and/or some type of personal protection to use against Bears. Hike done in early August. The trail starts at The Falls Creek trailhead, about 10-15 miles out of Anchorage. The trail is well used and the first half is within trees and scrub growth. Once out of the trees, the undergrowth covers most of the trail, making it hard to see what you're doing. Many times there are rocks in the trail whi" - South Suicide Peak, AlaskaHiker, Aug 6, 2017
"Headed up Sunday morning. Made good time through the low growth. No breeze made the first few miles humid. Low clouds hung around the peak. By the time we arrived you could not see past 60 feet. Too bad, the views from there are truly worth the climb." - Wolverine Peak, AlaskaHiker, Jul 30, 2017
"Did half of the Kesugi Ridge Trail in 2 days. Went from Ermine Hill to Little Coal Creek and hitchhiked back to parking lot. Nice views of the massive Denali Range first day, rain on the second. Slept on matras topper and without sleeping bags, just started our adventure, not well prepared yet." - K'esugi Ridge, Pieter, Jun 16, 2017
"Visited Beluga Point. First time in bear country, shouted 'hey bear, ho bear' lots of times! Climbed out of the forest to the outlook. After our trip we read in the news that a boy died during a running contest on the mountain a week later because of a black bear attack. We luckily only saw a Ptarmigan bird." - Bird Ridge Overlook, Pieter, Jun 15, 2017
"We went along the Rabbit creek trail to the saddle between Flaketop and Ptarmingan. We climbed up the saddle and along the ridge line to the summit. Then down the scree field behind Ptarmingan back to the Rabbit creek trail and back out." - Ptarmigan Peak, AlaskaHiker, Oct 9, 2016

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