Traverse the length of Vermont and climb its major peaks! This challenge includes all peaks whose summits lie on (or very near) the 272-mile Long Trail in Vermont, the oldest long-distance trail in the US. The Long Trail follows the spine of the Green Mountains up the length of Vermont from Massachusetts to Canada. It's known as a "rugged footpath in the wilderness" -- expect rocky, rooty trail and constant elevation swings. The tamer southern 100 miles of the Long Trail overlaps with the Appalachian Trail, then the northern half climbs classic peaks like Abraham, Camel's Hump and Mount Mansfield, the highest in the state at 4,393 ft. The LT is maintained by the excellent Green Mountain Club, see more here:


Highest peak

Mount Mansfield

4,393 ft / 1,338 m

Most prominent peak

Mount Mansfield

3,633 ft / 1,107 m

Most summited peak

Mount Mansfield

406 summits

Most difficult peak

Camel's Hump

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 2 peaks

Top climbing months

July   22%

August   16%

June   14%

  • Stand atop the alpine landscape of the highest peak in Vermont, Mount Mansfield 4,393 ft
  • Camp out in the many excellent shelters along the length -- and celebrate the occasional 4-walled cabin
  • Experience Long Trail culture -- stories in shelter logs, gossip running up and down the trail, and most importantly discovering your own trailname
  • Character build as the rough terrain, constant vertical up-and-down, and the occasional deluge of rain (summer) challenges you
  • If you choose to thru-hike it, northbound is recommended. Nothing can beat the thrill of making it to the US-Canada border swath -- you did it! Time for McDonald's!