Includes 4 peaks lying on local Champlain Area Trails (CATS) in the town of Moriah, New York. Created by Champlain Area Trails and the Port Henry/Moriah Chamber of Commerce "for adults and children with limited hiking experience" and can be completed in a short amount of time. Designed to help "inspire people to hike in the Champlain Valley."


Highest peak

Stiles Hill

2,238 ft / 682 m

Most prominent peak

Cheney Mountain

468 ft / 142 m

Most summited peak

Belfry Mountain

76 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

no info yet

Top climbing months

May   17%

April   13%

June   12%

"Was one of the shortest hikes i can ever say i was on but a good filler concidering it was my third climb of the day and a fire tower bonus, great weather but cold -17c but dressed perfectly No spikes,snowshoes or poles needed. Awesome day on the trails" - Belfry Mountain, ramjet1963, Jan 13, 2019
"Belfry Mountain January 3rd, 2019 11:02a Well this is gonna be a short one, we started our hike at about 10:50a-ish and made it to the top in what seemed like 5 minutes. Belfry is definitely on my top 5 list of favorite mountains because of that. When we started I had my microspikes on but my friend Ben did not so he was slipping all over the place due to the amount of powder-snow covering a thick smooth layer of ice. When we reached the top we went up into the fire tower took some pictures, hung out and now we are ready to head back down about 30 minutes later or so, we spent more time" - Belfry Mountain, devenmosher24, Jan 3, 2019
"A great little hike on a gravel road. This has to be the easiest fire tower to visit. Was surprised by the nice views from the tower. Wear your tin foil hat..the microwave tower is close." - Belfry Mountain, pawsalot, Sep 6, 2018
"Haven't been out hiking since we hiked out to Boreas Ponds early February. Deb and I had awesome weather today, sunny a little breezy and cold. Skies were clear and these two little peaks had great views in all directions. We really enjoyed the day out!" - Cheney Mountain, hbotc, Mar 5, 2017
"2nd solo summit of the day. If you could call it a summit! Glad I decided to stop by after doing Hurricane as this "hike" was an easy jaunt up a dirt road. There was an unfortunate amount of litter on the walk as well as at the summit. I took some empty cans back with me. Very beautiful views though! " - Belfry Mountain, kellieirene, Nov 23, 2015