8,501 ft / 2,591 m


1,581 ft / 482 m


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August   50%

July   25%

September  12%

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Lake Caroline, Windy Pass

"We let last night’s bratwursts & beers settle a bit and got a leisurely 8:30am start from the Eightmile Lake Trailhead. Heads up to anyone not in the know, the first few miles are a complete burn zone, including most of the long climb up from Little Eightmile Lake. Recommend at least a few brats to keep you powered up for this slog. Just put your head down, it’s worth it when you regain the forest and emerge over the ridge to Lake Caroline and an entirely different vista. From here on out, it’s a great hike into the alpine meadows below Windy Pass. Look out for a bear climbing high in a tree i" - scott, Sep 8, 2018



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