9,235 ft / 2,815 m


915 ft / 279 m


26 summits

Top climbing months

July   26%

August   23%

September  19%

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main trail

"Caught this one on my way out of the park and had to bag it. 0 dark thirty start gave me some amazing sunrise views as I gained elevation. Steady long approach on this summit crossing several streams and meadows. You hike all the way to the back side of this thing before traversing back across the south face to the summit. Because of the early start I got to surprise two doe's drinking from a creek sending them crashing into the forest. Finally found some people on my way down about 1.5 miles from the TH, other than that it was just me and the voices in my head." - oregon-mt-goat, Aug 26, 2017
"Great day, Lassen is one of the most beautiful places in California and its never crowded, love that. 2 spots of snow that you have to slow down and pay attention, found out on the way down I could have just gone around one. " - puddlepirate, Jul 28, 2017
"A ranger recommended this one to avoid the crowds. Definitely didn't see many people, and the landscape you travel through is gorgeous. This was one of my first peaks, so I thought it was pretty challenging at the time." - kaylam87, Aug 31, 2014
"Day hike to the top of Brokeoff. Solo trip. The trail is very enjoyable. This was my first time on Brokeoff and I prefer it to Lassen. Although the trail is twice as long as Lassen terrian and views are superior. " - Redbeard65, Oct 21, 2009
"Climbed this mountain twice when I was younger, the last time in 1984. I remember this being a much better hike than Lassen Peak because there was more cover and better scenery along the trail. The final haul to the top was long and tough but worth it. This was a challenging but very good hike in Lassen Park." - TakinIt2Type2, Aug 1, 1984


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