6,828 ft / 2,081 m


2,160 ft / 658 m


6 summits

Top climbing months

April   50%

May   33%

November   16%

Most climbed route

Big Pine-Buckhorn Road

"I've been doing a lot of miles on the MTB lately and this is why...SANTA BARBARA BIG FOUR IN A DAY! 4 Peaks, 46 miles, and 9000 ft elevation gain. Car to car in 14.5 hours starting by headlamp at 4am. Big Pine Mountain was peak # 3 of 4. You can tell this used to be a beautiful forested peak, but the area is still devastated from the 2007 Zaca Fire. There are HUGE downed trees covering the slopes. There was a jeep road going to the summit, but there's so many downed trees, it was easier to zig-zag straight up the slope." - klotito, Apr 28, 2018



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