9,682 ft / 2,951 m


471 ft / 144 m


18 summits

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June   22%

July   16%

August   16%

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North Ogden divide

"It was later in the afternoon and I wanted to see if I could make to Ben by sunset. I wasn't sure how far I was going to make it before I hit the snow. It was nice to see the trails nice and dry for a majority of the trip. It really wasn't until I hit the Jct where the North Frok trail meet up at the base of Ben. The rest of the way it was pretty much a crap shot. I went shouth where the ridge was pretty clear of snow. As I got closer to the Peak I could see the shadow of a Goat watching over me. I really didn't expect it would be there when I reached the top, but to both our suprise it " - CacheMACS, Jun 23, 2017


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