6,125 ft / 1,867 m


2,445 ft / 745 m


12 summits

Top climbing months

May   23%

March   15%

September  15%

Most climbed route

Northwest Ridge (Standard)

Class 3 • 4,051 ft / 1,235 m gain
"Still some snow in the gully, but most of the crew did not take out their axes. Poles are recommended, especially for the descent of the muddy and incredibly slick track down from the ridge. One hand line was somewhat useful, while the other mostly served as a trip line. Most views were obscured by clouds. Still a very fun trek with a great group." - TynanRammGranberg, Jun 25, 2016
"Had my sights set on this iconic peak for a long time. Finally got the chance to hit it on a perfect day. Unbelievably our feet never touched snow... it's like August conditions. Ice axe and crampons never left my pack. Incredible views from the summit, revealing the sheer scale of the Cascades. There are an infinite number of peaks to explore here. Probably the best vantage point for Merchant and Gunn peaks... really want to head up there. Mt Daniel really stood out from here, luring me to tackle it soon. And Mt Stuart is so prolific even from this distance, like a huge really vertical pyr" - scott, May 28, 2015
"Two new hand lines encountered at a heavily eroded and short class 3 section on approach to ridge line. Snow in gully was soft and fairly shallow. Some exposed rock and opportunities to punch through. Snow wall at notch was imposing but not difficult given the soft snow conditions. " - Trystan, Mar 8, 2015
"I hiked in with Automahn to barclay lake at 830 am Sunday to meet colin for an attempt at Mount Barings summit. We hoped to find a scramble route/bootpath up to the West ridge from the lake, but had no luck. After a few unsuccessful attempts we decided to head back to trailhead. Here we followed the old road where it continues past the outhouse and then up the creekside trail on the right less than half mile in. Colin's dog Cooper was pretty tired from their trip up Mount townsend Saturday, but Automahn was fresh from two and a half weeks of rest. The trail is " - Jeb, Aug 4, 2013
"We set out early, starting from Barclay Lake Trailhead at 4:15am. We followed the abandoned road a short while and found the trail heading up on the right side of a flowing creek. Route finding by headlamp in the darkness was mildly challenging (we only lost the path and had to backtrack once). The trail up is steep as expected. The lower section has a lot of ground cover that goes away under larger trees after climbing about 600 feet. A little route finding was necessary as there seem to be a few tracks leading up/down from the ridge. Once on the ridge, the path is more obvious. The last 100-" - swab35, Jul 4, 2011



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