6,388 ft / 1,947 m


568 ft / 173 m


12 summits

Top climbing months

April   25%

March   16%

October   16%

Most climbed route

PCT to/from SW Ridge

"I hiked this peak from Pinyon Flats on the Sulfur Springs Road. The paved road was open and was in good shape except for a bunch of debris (rockfall, branches) in the roadway. I didn't find the proper HPS route up the ridge to so I had to pick my way through the brush mostly following a maze of game trails. Only minor bushwhacking was required. Once at bump 6168', the route is straightforward. This peak has a more isolated feel than most in the San Gabriels and gives a great perspective of the middle-north side of the range. I enjoyed this hike - It's short and steep with great views from " - klotito, Apr 2, 2017
"The hike began where the gate was closed at the Christian camp; we took the paved road to the usual starting point. On the return, however, one hiker returned the same way, then drove to Three Points; the rest of us took the PCT there to meet him. (Much nicer to hike along the PCT!)" - HikerMark, Feb 27, 2016
"From the locked gate at Pinyon Flats, rode an electric bike about a mile down the road to the "trailhead." Hid the bike, then started the hike up. Then down, then up, then down, then up to the actual peak. Signed the register and looked for a BM. The wind got up to 17mph. Took about 45 minutes to get back to the bike." - thesearcherextraordinaire, May 29, 2015
"Got a little disoriented at the trailhead and couldn't match the landscape to my map so I just started heading north. Eventually I gained enough elevation to figure out where I was and headed cross country through poodle dog to the summit. The firebreaks were loose, steep, dusty and hot! Unfortunately I was swarmed by little black beetles at the summit but the visibility was poor anyways due to a small brushfire in Monrovia. The return trip was much easier (HPS Route #2) and what I would recommend roundtrip." - Christopher, Apr 20, 2013



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