11,204 ft / 3,415 m


200 ft / 61 m


34 summits

Top climbing months

August   26%

September  17%

October   14%

Most climbed route

Alta Trail

"Started about 8:10am from Wolverton Trailhead arrived Alta Peak ~12:30pm; Heading to Pear Lake ~1:40pm and down to Pear Lake northern end ~3:30pm; Back to Trailhead 6:10pm via The Watchtower." - keung, Aug 28, 2016
"Started at 7:00 from Wolverton. Met a bear and her child right near the start of the trail. Last two miles were really challenging for us and took almost three hours. Made it to the summit at 12:00 am. Great people across the trail. Came back to parking at 04:15 pm. " - Vadym, Oct 4, 2014
"Got a late 10:45 start after leaving the Bay Area at 5am. Trail up was busy with backpackers. Summit is run by crows. Great views of the Great Western Divide and the Kaweahs. Bluebird day." - edg, Aug 16, 2014
"I hiked with a large group of young men with some adult leaders. We hiked in the first day, about four miles. The second day we summited and hiked all the way down. Awesome views of the great western divide. I got some breath-taking pictures!" - thevandyker, Apr 4, 2013
"My first big hike when I moved up to SNP. Brought my full pack to the summit and got cliffed out on the way down to pear to camp. Some of my first class 3 moves with an overweight backpack. " - MatthewWinterberg, Jul 17, 2012



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