13,142 ft / 4,006 m


442 ft / 135 m


1 summit

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August   100%

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"Ran out from Snowmass village via Nature Trail and Ditch Trail to join the East Snowmass trail. All easy to follow with signage as of Aug 23, 2016. From where the Ditch ends and the signage to East Snowmass is (creek crossing/bridge out), I travelled 7.0km before leaving the trail to ascend via a drainage. By waiting until the summit was just to my right, I avoided all willows/bushwhacking and was able to gain the summit easily. Climb is steep with loose rocks in places, but never goes above Class 2. There's a cave at the top, just below the actual highest point, but I didn't try going down - " - bernadettebenson, Aug 23, 2016


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