4,422 ft / 1,347 m


1,034 ft / 315 m


164 summits

Top climbing months

August   18%

July   14%

October   13%

Most climbed route

Wildcat Ridge Trail

"After Wildcat D, I hiked over to A. Had to break trail between D and B peaks. Glad I brought the snowshoes. Tiring work. A huge moral booster when I came across old snowshoe tracks at B peak. My pace quickened and I reached A peak. Views there too. Headed back to D peak then down the ski trails back to my car. " - newenglandwarrior, Dec 15, 2017
"Ascended Wildcat Ridge Trail from Glen Ellis Falls Trailhead; Descended the Ski Trails then road walk back to trailhead. Lots of blowdowns up along the ridge between peaks E and A." - kpreston21, Nov 4, 2017
"After summiting D, I made my way over to A. I was the only person on the trail today. Reached the summit and then returned the way I came. 2 more peaks for my 5th loop and also moving some of my weaker Grid peaks up." - newenglandwarrior, Mar 20, 2017
"With no hiking partner for the day I chose Wildcat since I would be safely surrounded by skiers on a solo climb. I hiked around the river at the bottom and came up the side of a cliff to the Polecat trail. Once on the ski trail, I tended to take the closed paths in order to stay out of the way of the skiers. I crossed all of the peaks to A and then on my way back also grabbed E and then returned via the ski trail. With cloudless skies and 40 degrees at the summit, it couldn't have been a more perfect day to hike the Cats!" - shay-shay, Mar 6, 2017
"Gorgeous summer day! Actually liked the hike from Carter Notch up to Wildcat. 1100' in .7 miles, but the trail work was phenomenal...ever time it was steep, there were stairs." - PJSelmer, Aug 8, 2016



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