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July   13%

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Wildcat Ridge Trail

"An out and back on the Wildcats via 19 Mile Brook Tr. Some gridding in action and to visit Kate. Tagged both A and D peak. Stopped in at the hut but Kate wasn't in yet. On the way back down 19 Mile Brook, our paths met. She just drove up from PA to start her shift at Carter Notch Hut. A good day." - newenglandwarrior, Oct 4, 2018
"The second day of our hut trip - woke up to a great breakfast and some good coffee :) The hike out starts with a nice wake up climbing up to Wildcat and then a very enjoyable ridge hike out - such a great trip!" - deb-and-rob, Jun 17, 2018
"Epic and sort of disappointing hike... we had decided to head up the ridge trail instead of the ski trails which took more time due to careful footing...but it was well worth it for views and sense of accomplishment. We had wanted to do all of wildcat AND carter dome AND the carters...but on the descent from wildcat A to the col between carter dome we all had some sketchy falls....I wanted to keep going but my two hiking buds said it was a no go...they didn't have the strength or mental state to continue. So just the 5 Wildcats for the day. Actually using my ice axe and crampons was pretty" - shay-shay, Apr 21, 2018
"After D peak, I went over and did A peak. I brought out my snowshoes and used them. There was about a couple of inches of snow I had to break out. Eventually reached A peak. On the way back, saw a bunch of people heading to D peak. Made quick time going down the ski slopes. " - newenglandwarrior, Apr 21, 2018
"After Wildcat D, I hiked over to A. Had to break trail between D and B peaks. Glad I brought the snowshoes. Tiring work. A huge moral booster when I came across old snowshoe tracks at B peak. My pace quickened and I reached A peak. Views there too. Headed back to D peak then down the ski trails back to my car. " - newenglandwarrior, Dec 15, 2017



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