Wyoming peaks

1,903 peaks

Highest peak

Gannett Peak

13,809 ft / 4,208 m

Most summited peak

Grand Teton

72 summits

Most prominent peak

Gannett Peak

7,076 ft / 2,156 m prom

Wyoming summits

684 summits

First Ascent Awards

255 of 1,903 peaks 13%

Top climbing months

August 31%

July 25%

September 14%

Wyoming mountains highlights

"Drove up from Las Vegas, NV with the intention of viewing the solar eclipse & climbing Wyoming's highest peak with some friends from LVMC. We started our hike on Sunday (with 50 pound packs) via the Glacier Trail and hiked to a cool spot just before Star Lake, where we set up our first camp; I slept horribly. On Monday, we packed up and hiked in to Big Meadow, where we found an awesome spot to view the eclipse! It was unreal. There was nobody around us. This was definitely an experience that I will not forget! After the eclipse, we continued on to a point just before Tarns Camp. I w" - Gannett Peak, Kevin, Aug 22, 2017
"Went out with Nadov from JHMG with my friends Brian and Jacob who I used to spend quite a deal of time climbing in the Sierra with. My 150st unique peak! The weather was glorious at the top. We were the first group to summit that day." - Grand Teton, Irrationalist, Aug 18, 2017
"This is about a 90 minute walk from Holly Lake in Paintbrush Canyon. Mt. Woodring is the high point between the Cathedral group and Mt. Moran so the view from the top is exceptional." - Mount Woodring, mark.r.johnston, Jul 29, 2017
"Was an amazing hike, beautiful views, and decently difficult, because we didn't choose to follow any trails, we made our own. Highly recommended, reaching the top was definitely worth it. " - Dome Rock, Jcasada00, Sep 11, 2016
"Our group of 4 set up at upper moraine camp on the evening of the 29th. After an early start the next morning we got to what we thought was the beginning of the direct exum but actually turned out to be, discovering months later, a route called It's not a Chimney,5.9. A bd .75 x4 and his biner companion were hanging out at the base when we arrived along with a fixed stopper with an NPS stamp and possibly the jankiest anchor I've ever seen. We roped up two teams of two for a single wandering alpine feeling pitch and set up at the top of the difficulties below an easy looking lower angle gully" - Grand Teton, Yosemike, Aug 30, 2016

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