Pennsylvania peaks

1,514 peaks

Highest peak

Peak 3772 ft

3,772 ft / 1,149 m

Most summited peak

Mount Davis

60 summits

Most prominent peak

Evitts Mountain

1,300 ft / 396 m prom

Pennsylvania summits

421 summits

First Ascent Awards

151 of 1,514 peaks 9%

Top climbing months

July 16%

August 12%

September 11%

Pennsylvania mountains highlights

"With the fall colors starting to come out in Northern Pennsylvania, it was a great time of year to make the short jaunt up Gillespie Point a.k.a. the "Matterhorn of Pennsylvania" (it's hard for me to even type that with a straight face!) The out-and-back hike from Big Run Road took me an hour, excluding the 15-20 minutes I spent on the summit. For a longer outing, you can hike the entire loop, but I wanted to make sure I had enough time for Watkins Glen State Park back in New York. I am glad to report that my knees experienced no problems on this hike. What a difference one week makes!" - Gillespie Point, theascent, Oct 9, 2018
"I normally won't count a summit unless I reach the official highpoint of the mountain, but will make an exception for Mount Nittany because the actual summit is on private property and is < 40 feet higher than the trail highpoint. Starting from the parking lot on Mount Nittany Road, I hiked to a 2,020-foot overlook on the Blue Trail before topping out at a 2,040-foot overlook on the White Trail. Aside from the slightly disappointing mountainside vistas, I was very impressed with the overall experience on this mountain. The trails were undoubtedly the most well-maintained that I have ever s" - Mount Nittany, theascent, Oct 1, 2018
"Drove up in a Kia Soul... through 6+ inches of unplowed snow. Thank goodness other vehicles had blazed the trail for us. State highpoint #5 for me and #1 for my mother! This was part of a weekend trip to Mount Davis, Backbone Mountain, and Spruce Knob. (We got 2/3; the snow defeated us for Spruce Knob and we will return in the summer.)" - Mount Davis, psychikingjes, Mar 24, 2018
"Made a wrong turn out of the parking lot and ended up hiking several miles in the wrong direction, but got myself turned around and up to the knob in a short amount of time. Way too much graffiti here. " - Bake Oven Knob, jennifermurphy, Sep 30, 2017
"On the return route of the AT section hike, I tried for Devils Pulpit based on the map I had, which shows a quarter mile trail off of the Charcoal Trail to the overlook. Unfortunately the trail that once led to the outcropping has been closed and hidden. The remains of the old path can be seen, and it leads to a flat area with a nice view across the gap, but the path beyond that has been well-covered. Not in the mood to bushwhack down a steep slope of loose rock and brush after 17 miles of hiking, I turned back. Looking at newer maps when I returned home and comparing them with my track, I rea" - Devils Pulpit, wacbravo, Sep 21, 2017

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