North Dakota peaks

301 peaks

Highest peak

White Butte

3,506 ft / 1,068 m

Most summited peak

White Butte

37 summits

Most prominent peak

no info yet

North Dakota summits

272 summits

First Ascent Awards

205 of 301 peaks 68%

Top climbing months

November 16%

October 16%

February 13%

Top ranges

Chalky Buttes

North Dakota mountains highlights

"quite n easy hike...but if it is wet or rains , as it did right about halfway up...white stuff sticks like drywall paste to your shoes. lol. We parked at the old abandon house on grass driveway." - White Butte, 6sniders, Jun 17, 2017
"The third State high point of the weekend enroute from Ontario to Calgary, AB. The location of the farmhouse was tricky to find in Google and I had to resort to the Subaru GPS to see the location of the farmhouse. Looked like no one was home and the mailbox was locked. I followed footprints from a day before across the field and up to the summit in snow up to knee deep in places. 5km round trip in an hour. Just before sunset and a nice 2 State high point day." - White Butte, alexjoseph, Dec 4, 2016
"Left late morning.....after traveling down dirt roads we parked along the fence....started walking along the fence till we entered the gate then proceeded on trail to the summit.....about 1 mile to the top....great views of the plentiful ND farmland and spectacular buttes across the plains....." - White Butte, walteroddo, Sep 29, 2015
"First up in the morning was the White Butte, North Dakota’s state high point. It stands at 3,506 feet, but only has 500 feet of prominence over the landscape. Still, that is plenty high enough to give a decent view over a rolling prairie. It was already 70 degrees at 6:30 in the morning, foreshadowing another scorching day for the Plains. It was a perfect temperature for our little hike though. We had heard from numerous sources that White Butte was renowned for having a large rattlesnake population, which was another reason we wanted to start early, before all the snakes came out. Luckily" - White Butte, justinraphaelson, Aug 13, 2015
"Hiked White Butte after a nasty thunderstorm came through the area. The trail was easy to navigate, no sign of snakes, but the clay soil was slick from the recent rain. We prevailed, however!" - White Butte, nairon, Jun 25, 2015

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