Montana peaks

3,356 peaks

Highest peak

Granite Peak

12,799 ft / 3,901 m

Most summited peak

Granite Peak

17 summits

Most prominent peak

Crazy Peak

5,719 ft / 1,743 m prom

Montana summits

591 summits

First Ascent Awards

283 of 3,356 peaks 8%

Top climbing months

July 27%

August 25%

September 13%

Montana mountains highlights

  • This state name literally means “mountain” in Spanish.
"Road conditions to the trailhead were passable with 2WD. Started at 5:30AM and followed the trail alongside Big Timber Creek. We followed Alex and Duncan’s footpath from a few days earlier. At the second bridge, we lost the tracks, but were able to follow the general direction of the trail with GPS, since the trail was now completely covered with snow. We approached Big Timber Creek’s third crossing point, but the bridge was submerged with high runoff. We turned around, disappointed that we most likely would have to head back to the car. We rested at the second bridge and discussed our option" - Crazy Peak, seancasserly, May 30, 2018
"A short but fun climb. Reached trailhead in 2WD sedan. Followed the trail through the forest. We used crampons after the last switchback climbing up over 500ft of good snow, which ended up being a good shortcut. It started to hail as we reached the summit. It was on and off until reaching the car." - Mount Edith, seancasserly, May 28, 2018
"I have one hell of a history with this mountain. I first saw it in 1997, when my dad took me out to Montana for the first time, including me in a family tradition that continues to this day. This was the first Rocky Mountain I saw in person, and at 12 years old it fascinated me. 20 years later, after looking at this mountain year after year, I decided to climb it. I started at 4:30 AM with a headlamp, and started along the trail next to the Sun Canyon Lodge, but with all the meandering and intersecting horse and hunting trails in the area, I quickly was on my own route! I ended up approaching" - North Sawtooth, LGH-Dan, Jul 17, 2017
"Montana. Coming from the very scenic Going-to-the-Sun Road. Kept a good pace op the Highline Trail and thought we had time to take a small detour. It was worth it! Took park bus back." - Grinnell Glacier Overlook, Pieter, Jul 12, 2017
"Flew from Maine to Montana to do some hiking and as an added bonus spent the night in the Gird Point Fire Tower. The drive up to the parking area was scenic, the wildlife abundant, the winds gusty and the night was chilly, awoke to big horn sheep sleeping at the base of the tower. The out house had to be the most unique I've ever used. The view out the door was amazing and the fact that it had no roof was a first for me. I wish I had my pictures but my memory card crashed in Yellowstone later in the week. Hopefully I can steal some pictures from my friends to post here. " - Gird Point, bwright, Sep 12, 2016

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