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"I was on that side of the park picking up a summit permit at Carbon River, so decided to take a quick hike up Tolmie. Made it up in an hour from Mowich. Was completely unprepared for the hordes of people heading up as I was going back down. There were hundreds more cars when I got to the bottom." - TynanRammGranberg, Jul 15, 2017
"We took the trail that originates near the Mowich Lake Campground and made our way around Mowich Lake. Next it was on to Eunice Lake where we were greeted by two majestic mountain goats perched high above the lake atop a subpeak of Tolmie. They began to make their way over toward Tolmie Peak so we hurried up to Tolmie Lookout and onward to the summit in hopes of catching a closer glimpse of them. Unfortunately by the time we made it up there they were nowhere to be found. We stopped at the lookout along the way and took a good look around from the balcony. The last stretch from the lookou" - Al-Rashid, Oct 12, 2014
"Left the gate at 8:45 and started up the dry road. Snow showed up around 4000' feet and got as deep as 2-3 feet at the summit. Several others, including a few with snowshoes have made this trip since the bulk of the snow fell, a tightly packed trail to follow with little-to-no postholing. The overcast ceiling was well above Rainier and it was surprisingly warm compared to my recent trip to the Teanaway Valley. I used the Grindstone Trail to bypass the switchbacks in the road and before long I was looking at Mowich Lake. Some elevation was lost on the way up to Eunice Lake, which is completel" - Jeb, Nov 27, 2012



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