12,306 ft / 3,751 m


266 ft / 81 m


5 summits

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June   40%

May   20%

August   20%

Most climbed route

SE Couloir

"Paired with Wotan's Throne for the Nordic mythology theme. This was considerably harder than my research led me to believe. I suppose I'm still getting used to the larger scale of the Sierra peaks versus the LA area mountains. After a start later than I would like, I went straight up from Mirror Lake. After the initial annoying skirt around the lake itself, it's a lot of steep slog interspersed by a couple sections with bit of rock. The "crux" is the final crest just below the summit. I went up to a notch where I felt there there must have been a couple class 4 moves which had me gripped n" - JustinB, Aug 20, 2018
"First trip into the High Sierra this year. Wonderful views and a beautiful hike. So much better than the Whitney Main trail. The views from the summit are well worth obtaining, Whitney looks so dominating." - Irrationalist, May 2, 2015
"Try to take the SE couloir but chose the wrong one and wound up getting trapped by a chokestone. Was able to climb around a rib to get one couloir over which brought me to the plateau. I don't think there is a finer view of Mt. Whitney from any summit!" - Christopher, Nov 17, 2013



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