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Timp-Torne trail

"Peak #3 after visiting Sugarloaf Hill on the east side and Butter Hill on the west side of the Hudson thereby getting great views across the river. Relocated the car to the PA on Mine road and headed up the eastern side of the loop on Popolopen Torne in Bear Mountain SP. The easiest hike of the three but still a good climb with some rock slabs to bound up. A guy came up behind me wearing headphones and was so winded he couldn’t talk or seem to catch his breath. Either he was slightly asthmatic or red-lined it too much on the final climb, just hope he got enjoy the fantastic views after putting" - Nimblefoot, Oct 5, 2018
"Out hitting some local small peaks on a nice summer morning. Visited Butter Hill and Storm King mountain from the newly improved parking area off Rt 9W first then visited The Torne from Mine road on my way back home. One of the local property owners has a sign up warning the riff-raff folks not to use spray paint on trees and rocks.....interesting and sad one has to take such measures. On top the memorial cairn has gained more rocks at its base and names ,of those lost, on top. Both flags were flying with the slight cooling breeze. On my descent I saw more 5 - lined skinks of various sizes scu" - Nimblefoot, Aug 21, 2018
"Out for a short local hike with Sharon to check the fitting of new boots prior to traveling out to Colorado. Did a loop out Brooks lake, up and over The Torne, and out the Gorge trail. The summit cairn has gotten much larger and there is a small solar panel installed to keep a spot light on the two flags." - Nimblefoot, Jul 2, 2017
"Sunset hike to finish of a full day of hiking in the Hudson Highlands. Stuck around the summit awhile, toasted to a day well-spent outside, and climbed down in the moonlight. Forgot to hit resume on the GPS tracker on the decent. Oh well. " - wacbravo, Apr 9, 2017
"Out for a quick hike to start the day. Cloudy and light rain but still a wonderful view. Appears that the military folks have further cleared the summit of briars and low brush making the summit more bald and added a solar spot light to the memorial cairn." - Nimblefoot, Nov 9, 2016



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