7,980 ft / 2,432 m


800 ft / 244 m


15 summits

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December   20%

February   20%

June   13%

Most climbed route

Tehachapi Mountain Trail

"This is a short but steep hike up a road then along a ridge to the summit. There was patchy snow at the bottom of the trail, but the snow was about 6"-12" deep at the summit. Snowshoes would have been somewhat useful, but the hike is so short it wasn't an issue. There were limited views at the summit due to tree cover, but where you could see past the trees there was visibility for 50+ miles. On the way down, I took the wrong ridge and ended up on the opposite side of the canyon from the trail. Some spirited plunge-stepping down the steep canyon walls took me back to the valley floor and event" - klotito, Mar 11, 2017
"Climbed Tehachapi Mountain and Double Mountain as a day hike. Tehachapi's summit is off limits but there is a register a bit away from it. From the looks of it most people hike past anyways (myself included). We continued further in to bag Double Mountain." - Irrationalist, Jan 17, 2014
"This particular day was the last summit I've made. In all I've made it to the top 4 times. It's particularly saddening to know they closed the summit last November. As you can see from the date it didn't stop me and many others. At one point in time there were 5 peaks to bag in the Tehachapi area. Now there is 1. Oh, and by the way, the owners of the land near the summit STOLE the logs going years back and the sign naming the summit and elevation..." - CombsForce, Dec 31, 2011



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