7,500 ft / 2,286 m


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June   35%

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July   15%

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Taft Point Trail

"First Day of 2 Days Yosemite Trip with camping at Crane Flat Campground. Thinking of taking shuttle bus to hike ~8.5-9 miles from Glacier Point to McGurk Meadow. However, we must take shuttle from Badger Pass with long queue ~2:30pm. Lucky that we could take the short-cut by standing inside the bus and stop at Sentinel Dome & Taft Point Trailhead. A little bit disappointed sunset and sunset lighting on Half Dome !" - keung, Jun 11, 2016
"On a 4 day trip in and around Yosemite, we spent day relaxing between big climbs. So we headed down to Toulumne Meadows, and then Yosemite valley where we went up Glacier point and hiked to Taft Point. The views from there as any place on the rim of the valley were jaw dropping. The exposure on the very tip is blood pumping which is exactly why that's where I like to hang out. What a rush! Great day great weather. We climbed 13k Mt. Dana the fallowing day." - 1-with-Nature, Jun 28, 2010



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